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15 November 2025 @ 05:49 pm
Hi and welcome to my livejournal account for all my McFly related fanfictions.

I only write slash stories on here so if that's not your cup of tea, I advise you not to continue reading this or my stories, unless you want to give it a try. My favourite McFly pairing is Flones (Danny/Tom) but I write whatever I feel like writing so you'll find stories with different pairings. 

I'm currently having a major writing block with this fandom so I haven't updated anything recently. I hope to change that soon though. 

I have a private account where I ramble about my life and new ideas so if you're interested in that, you can always follow me here: autumnconfusion If you want to read something recent and you like Harry Potter, you can find those fanfictions here: spiritwild42 and you can also find me on fanfiction.net where all my writings are collected (or the most recent stories, anyway). You simply have to search my name: autumnconfusion.

I hope you enjoy my stories and please, don't be shy to leave me a message.



Title: The Pain That Is Left Behind
Pairing: Fletcher/Poynter
Genre: thriller
Rating: 16+
Part: 1/?
Summary: “It’s just a bad dream,” he whispered to himself, eyes wide in fear as he looked around in the dark room, searching for something that he might recognize while his arms were wrapped around his knees, slowly rocking back and forth. “Any moment now before Tom wakes me up. Any moment.” – However, that moment never came.
Disclaimer: I don’t own McFly. I own the plot.
A/N: I’ve been working on this idea for about two years now and I had almost finished writing this when my laptop crashed and I lost everything. Today, I have decided to rewrite the complete fanfiction and hopefully, it will be better as the original! Concrit is always welcome. Also, a special thank you to 
[info]galaxydazzle  for the graphic. I’m finally going to use it, yay! And for beta'ing.
Dedicated to: my special friend. For old time’s sake and because you’re my rock, still. This fanfiction will show that nothing is for granted and that we should appreciate what we have now before it’s gone before we realize it. Live life to its maximum, right?


14 March 2009 @ 01:24 pm
Title: Do It While You Can
Author: autumnconfusion 
Pairing: Fletcher/Poynter
Part: 1/1
Rating: 18
Genre: Smut, cross-dressing, humour
Summary: When Tom arrives from work and can’t find Dougie, he worries immediately, until he’s facing the biggest shock so far.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Dedication: miss_pipedream</lj>  for giving me the prompts “Fletcher/Poynter” and “Kinky” and “Cross-dressing”. if_i_fell1986  for reading this through while I wrote this. I know how much torture it was!! Yikes. Thank you though. It was very amusing to see your reactions.
A/N: I'd like to mention that I've never written smut before (though I think it's a soft version of it...), that I'm not used to write Floynter and yes. It's actually the first thing I try something out like this, so con-crit is always welcome. Though, I'm pretty sure I won't ever write something like this again. Bare with me!

Do It While You CanCollapse )</b>

26 February 2009 @ 07:49 pm
Title: You Love Him
Author: autumnconfusion 
Pairing: Fletcher/Jones
Summary: Danny ends up outside, wondering why his girlfriend has broken up with him when, eventually, realisation kicks in
Rating: 14+
Disclaimer: I don't own McFly
A/N: I k now it looks straight when you read the flashbacks, but don't give up reading, it's slash!
Dedication: Robyn, as always, for reading this before anyone else, although I changed almost everything. I hope you still like it! Malin for being my rock, as always. I don't know what I'd do without you. And Isabell for being so close yet so far away.

You Love HimCollapse )
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01 February 2009 @ 02:52 pm
Title: If Only I Could
Author: autumnconfusion 
Pairing: Fletcher/Poynter - can aslo be read as Poynter/OC
Rating: 14+
Genre: drama
Summary: Dougie's confused, doubting his relationship with his boyfriend.
Disclaimer: I don't own McFly. I do own the story.
Word Count: 1,595


If Only I CouldCollapse )


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Title: Looking Past The Shadows Of His Mind
Author: autumnconfusion
Rating: 14+
Pairing: Poynter/Judd – Fletcher/Jones
Summary: Surrounded by the perfect family, Dougie finds himself struggling. Desire for something he cannot have keeps him awake until Harry decides it’s gone too far.
Disclaimer: I don’t own McFly.
Word Count: 5.047
Dedication: Robyn, my manager. Thank you for reading all of this, paragraph by paragraph, standing by my side the moment I started writing it to the moment I finished it. I really loved your reactions and though, this is not exactly the one I have promised you (I’m still working on it) I think you might love this one much better. Thank you so much.
Written: 4th of December, 2008


Looking Past The Shadows Of His MindCollapse )
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